Retractable Louvres & Sliding Roofs

Discover retractable roof louvres, the Open Sesame of the modern day.

It doesn’t get much better than this: A retractable roof louvre which doesn’t just rotate for sun, rain and shade control, but a sliding roof that actually parts and vanishes at the touch of a button! Johnson & Couzins are proud to present NZ’s first fully retractable louvres, the Concertina Louvres.

After a 2.5-year development phase these ultra-modern sliding roofs have hit the market and are now available throughout NZ and Australia. The hospitality industry has fast caught on to this innovative shade option, with discerning bars and restaurants getting the edge over their competition by offering the ultimate al fresco experience.

Our retractable louvres are available in any colour, powder-coated to match your style of building. Up-market bars love sleek black louvre fins, while light colours are popular with our residential customers. A Concertina Louvre can be up to 4 m wide and 6 m long; for large areas we simply install several louvre bays.

Powered by European Somfy motors and Johnson & Couzins’ unique Glide Control System, you can add rain sensors so your retractable roof louvre closes automatically. We also offer remote-controlled options so you can hook your sliding roofs up to your home automation system. For the ultimate luxury, you can create entire all-weather outdoor rooms with 100% weathertight Calido Zip Outdoor Screens and electric outdoor heaters.

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